You only get out of cooking what you put into it.


The right tools can make all the difference.
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Buying a Chef’s Knife


Chef’s knives are the great workhorses of the kitchen.  After your hands, they are the most important tool you have.  So it goes without…


How to Season Cast Iron


There are dozens of articles on the Internet explaining how to season cast iron but instructions vary widely. With a little help from science, we set out to determine which was the most effective method.


A method-based approach ensures consistent results.
Photograph by Anshu.

The Craft of Ice Cream


I learned very early on that my artistic leanings could take me only so far in making great ice creams. All those years I’d spent avoiding science classes in high school and college came back to haunt me when I started working with frozen confectionery. Freezing ice cream into a smooth, lickable, delicious mass is a very precise process. Math and science are required.