Milk Fat

When cooking or baking with dairy products, it’s important to know the different percentages of milk fat (a.k.a. butterfat). For example, which has less fat, half and half or table cream? Did you know that drinking 2% lowfat milk only saves you about 3 grams of fat, but 1% saves twice that? Here is a chart with the percentage of milk fat for the most common dairy products excluding cheeses.

ProductPercentage Fat
Clarified Butter99
Whey Butter80-90
Cultured Butter86
Sweet Cream Butter & Raw Cream Butter80-85
Clotted Cream<55
Double Cream43-48
Crème Fraiche30-40
Heavy Cream36
Whipping Cream30-36
Light Cream/Table Cream18-30
Sour Cream18-30
Half and Half10-18
Condensed/Evaporated Milk7.5-15
Raw Milk3.25-5
Whole Milk3.25-3.75
Lowfat Milk1-2
Skimmed/Nonfat Milk<1

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