How to Brew Chemex Coffee

Chemex is the de facto brewing method of choice among coffee aficionados, roasters and top coffee houses all across the country. This pour-over style of brewing allows the user to closely regulate water temperatures and brewing times, two of the most important aspects of brewing coffee. In this step-by-step video, our friends and coffee experts at Elemental Coffee Roasters in Oklahoma City show you how easy it is to make impeccably delicious coffee using the Chemex method.


Elemental Coffee Roasters is a small-batch roastery and cafe in Oklahoma City, OK. We source, sample, import, roast and deliver the finest coffees available in the world. We are a community-driven company dedicated to producing the finest coffee while providing our customers with the best service imaginable. Elemental seeks to generate a passion for coffee in both individuals and companies as they partake in ongoing sourcing projects.

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