Bespoke–Blackberry Pie

About this Video

Family recipes have a unique way of linking the generations. Each one tells its own story and conjures up its own set of memories. This delicate and beautiful video, filmed in Seattle as part of the Weekend Challenge series hosted on Vimeo, tells the story of how three generations of women have found inspiration and solace through baking, and how one particular recipe acts as a common thread.  The producer, Nick Bolton, tells us, “We chose to pick berries throughout the city and combine them with Sarah’s Grandmother’s pie crust recipe. The recipe in the video is the same as the card her grandmother hand wrote 20 or more years ago.” – KJ Editors

Director of Photograph: Taylor, Hawkins
Music by: Johnny Ripper, FMA Music Archive
Song: Lumiere
Baker/Narrator: Sarah Carrier

Nick Bolton

Nick Bolton is an award-winning, mullti-discipline creative professional. His passion is telling stories through design, video, and digital platforms. He loves the creative process and all aspects involved. “I have a passion for making approachable videos that have the power to inspire.” He lives in rainy Seattle.