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The 3 Keys to Good Cooking

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Cooking is no simple matter. It takes some finesse and little know-how, but when the two come together, something delicious always happens. The Kitchen Journals is an exciting new cooking site devoted entirely to the art and science of home cooking. What makes us so different from other cooking sites is our unique approach. We believe that all good cooking comes down to three things–ingredients, tools, and techniques.  Start with quality ingredients, use the right tools for the job, apply the proper techniques, and you have a delicious meal. Each of our expertly-written articles has been categorized under one of these three subjects, and each subject has its own home page and index to help you find the latest topics or search specific keywords. It’s like having three specialized cooking sites in one.

All good cooking comes down to three things–ingredients, tools, and techniques.


Understanding ingredients  – how to select, store and prepare them, is the very foundation of all cooking wisdom. More than half your success in the kitchen depends on the ingredients you use.

What cuts of meat are best for grilling?
How do you know your eggs are fresh?
What’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder?
Why is vanilla so expensive?

Our basic ingredient profiles will not only answer questions like these but will provide all the essentials the home cook needs to know. Our more in-depth articles explore the history, culture and science behind the foods we eat. Whether you’re a seasoned-cook or just starting out, there is always something to be learned about ingredients.


Anyone who has used a sharp knife after a dull one knows what a difference the right tools can make. Like those of a carpenter, good kitchen tools ensure greater efficiency and more consistent results. But a well-appointed kitchen is useless if you don’t know how to use your tools properly.  Our tool profiles and guides will show you how to select, use and care for the your kitchen essentials like a pro. We’ll also help you prioritize your purchases and work within your own budget.

Kitchen stores are chock full of nifty appliances and utensil all promising to make life in the kitchen easier, but do we really need so many?  And how do you know if one make or model is better than the other? Our no-nonsense product reviews will help sort the fact from the fancy—the true workhorses from the one-trick ponies, with an eye on quality and value. No more drawers cluttered with useless gadgets.  No more shelves of subpar appliances.


Have you ever had a dish turn out perfect one time and not the next? Does it sometimes seem like your cooking is either hit or miss?  It all comes down to technique, the very essence of cooking.  If you don’t understand cooking techniques, you’re essentially leaving your cooking up to chance. All the best ingredients and all the best tools will only be wasted if you don’t master the proper techniques.

At The Kitchen Journals, you won’t find a lot of recipes. Why? Because while we love recipes, they can be something of a crutch. We believe if you give a person a recipe, they’ll make a meal, but if you teach them about the underlying techniques, they’ll cook for a lifetime. Instead of providing you with a lot of recipes, we use a technique-centric approach to cooking.

Our technique articles are designed to familiarize you with basic methods of cooking and explain how and why they work. Once you’ve mastered these methods, you’ll see them used again and again throughout the recipes you encounter. Eventually, you will reduce your reliance on recipes all together and free yourself up to be more creative in the kitchen.  Your cooking will become more consistent, and when you do use a recipe, you’ll produce better results with greater ease and more confidence.

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Understanding and mastering ingredients, tools, and techniques is precisely how professional chefs hone their craft, and this approach will work for you at home as well.  No matter your skill-level—novice to pro, the more you know about these fundamental  elements, the better your cooking will get.  Our authors are professional food writers, teachers, chefs and culinarians who want to help you take your own cooking craft to the next level through an on-going conversation about ingredients, tools and techniques.

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About Our Book Shop

Here at The Kitchen Journals, cookbooks are an enormous source of inspiration.   So much so that we’ve open a shop featuring our favorite titles.  Each book has been hand-selected by our editors, because we feel it offers something special and warrants a spot on on your own bookshelf.   Drop by today or click the Book Shop link on the main menu to browse at any time.  Our collection will be growing rapidly. So check back often to learn about new additions to the collection.

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