kj_apples_fujiAs its name suggest, the Fuji was developed in Japan in the mid-20th century but its origins are All-American, as it is a cross between the Red Delicious and the Ralls Janet, a much lesser known apple but one that probably accounts for its attractive pink blush.  It’s a pretty apple, crisp and sweet-flavored. Fuji apples have it all – they’re sweet, juicy, and ideal for snacking. It’s especially refreshing when chilled. It’s best for eating and salads and sauces. Because they’re very sweet, little or no sugar is needed when making applesauce. They are firmer than Galas and generally a good buy year-round.

Good choice for eating out of hand or in salads
 Good choice for sauces 


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Photograph by Peter Kijlstra.

Rosemary Wolbert

Rosemary Wolbert is a writer cum gentlewoman farmer. A former corporate communicator, she now relishes the quiet country life — just reading, cooking and writing in Pennsylvania. She publishes the blog Sprigs of Rosemary and writes a monthly newspaper column, “Good Food Matters” and believes food bridges all kinds of barriers, real or imagined.

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