kj_apples_honeycrispThe Honeycrisp is a relatively new kid on the block, introduced in 1991. It has become hugely popular, a near overnight sensation. It’s popular because of its deliciously crisp snap on first bite. Developed by the University of Minnesota from a Macoun and Honeygold cross, it is a sweet apple lover’s favorite. It has multiple color shadings, stripes, freckles and a nice round apple shape. Although it can be used for cooking, Honeycrisp lovers would think it a waste of a great eater.

Good choice for eating out of hand or in salads
Good choice for baking


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Photograph compliments of New York Apple Association, Inc. at http://www.nyapplecountry.com.

Rosemary Wolbert

Rosemary Wolbert is a writer cum gentlewoman farmer. A former corporate communicator, she now relishes the quiet country life — just reading, cooking and writing in Pennsylvania. She publishes the blog Sprigs of Rosemary and writes a monthly newspaper column, “Good Food Matters” and believes food bridges all kinds of barriers, real or imagined.

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