This is a very versatile apple that can be eaten fresh, baked in a cobbler, or cooked in a sauce. It’s juicy, crisp and sweetly aromatic. As its name hints, it’s a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan. It was developed in 1968 in a breeding program in New York State. Its color varies from pale green-gold with faint red stripe to solid red. The Jonagold shares the tart sweetness of a Jonathan with the juicy crispness found in the texture of the Golden Delicious. It is an all-around apple – equally at home in a pie or in a salad and can hold their own when paired with strong cheeses.

kj_apple_iconGood choice for eating out of hand or in saladsGood choice for baking


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Photograph compliments of New York Apple Association, Inc. at

Rosemary Wolbert

Rosemary Wolbert is a writer cum gentlewoman farmer. A former corporate communicator, she now relishes the quiet country life — just reading, cooking and writing in Pennsylvania. She publishes the blog Sprigs of Rosemary and writes a monthly newspaper column, “Good Food Matters” and believes food bridges all kinds of barriers, real or imagined.

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