Red Delicious

kj_apples_red-dThe Red Delicious is probably the most iconic of all American apples, a true classic. Deep red in color and heart-shaped, it is distinguished not only by its dark, shiny skin but its five star bumps on its bottom as well. The flesh is crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor. It’s most likely the apple you grew up with.  Although many consider its flavor somewhat bland, it remains a lunchbox staple. Originating in Peru, Iowa, it is believed to be a chance seedling from a variety originally known as Hawkeye.  It is still the most widely grown variety in the U.S. Red Delicious are best eaten raw or in salads.

kj_apple_iconGood choice for eating out of hand or in salads


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Photograph by Denphumi Jaisue.

Rosemary Wolbert

Rosemary Wolbert is a writer cum gentlewoman farmer. A former corporate communicator, she now relishes the quiet country life — just reading, cooking and writing in Pennsylvania. She publishes the blog Sprigs of Rosemary and writes a monthly newspaper column, “Good Food Matters” and believes food bridges all kinds of barriers, real or imagined.

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