At first, the Rome apple was known as Gillett’s Seedling.  Today it is marketed under a variety of names — Rome, Red Rome and Rome Beauty. The Rome apple was named after Rome Township, Ohio where the apple was first planted by chance in 1817 on the Gillett family property. Among the several trees Joel Gillett purchased to start an orchard, one stood out because it was small and unlike the others. He gave it to his 14 year old son who planted it by a river. Once the tree was fruit-bearing, the family noticed that the fruit was exceptionally good and began to take grafts of the tree. Romes are considered one of the best cooking apples on the market. Their dense flesh holds up well when baked making them perfect for use in pies, cakes, breads and cookies. Their flavor is enhanced as well, becoming sweeter and exceptionally rich when cooked. 

kj_pie_iconGood choice for pies.Good choice for baking


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Rosemary Wolbert

Rosemary Wolbert is a writer cum gentlewoman farmer. A former corporate communicator, she now relishes the quiet country life — just reading, cooking and writing in Pennsylvania. She publishes the blog Sprigs of Rosemary and writes a monthly newspaper column, “Good Food Matters” and believes food bridges all kinds of barriers, real or imagined.

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