Nathaniel Crawford is a homemade chef, photographer, writer, and the sole voice behind the food blog TermiNatetor Kitchen. By day, he is a college student majoring in Hospitality Management, but by night he’s an avid foodie with a passion for everything savory and sweet. Launched in January of 2015, TermiNatetor Kitchen is a blog that reinvents the classic, Midwest-style comfort food Nathaniel has grown up eating. He describes it as “Southern Gothic meets Martha Stewart”—a place where he blends the stories of the strides he has made in the kitchen with the challenges of being a person who stutters.

David Ellis

David Ellis is the Founder and Editor of The Kitchen Journals. He is a food writer, an avid cooking enthusiast. In 2009, he started a food blog, David’s Table, and quickly learned that blogging was lonely work. He developed The Kitchen Journals to work with other food writers and bloggers. He lives in Washington, DC.

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