The Elements of Pizza

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by Ken Forkish

I have spent years trying to perfect homemade pizza.  If only this book had existed when I started, I could have saved myself so much time and frustration. Perhaps the single most important component of a pizza, homemade or otherwise, is the crust. Who better to consult than an accomplished and renowned bread maker like Ken Forkish?  In this essential guide, Forkish solves some fundamental problems with pizza dough. Professional pizza ovens, with temperatures that exceed 900°F , can cook a pie in as little as 90 seconds. Home ovens, on the other hand, top out at a relatively meager 550°, and need at least 7 minutes to cook a pie. Doughs designed for professional ovens would dry out with such long cooking times. The dough recipes developed for this book use higher hydration levels that can withstand longer bake times and still produce a pizzeria-like crust.

But it only begins with the dough. Each component, from sauce to cheese to toppings, is addressed with an equally intensive focus and an emphasis on authenticity and ingredient quality.  This book has the ability to transform the humble home oven into an authentic Italian pizzeria.  If you love pizza as much as I do, this is a must have. – Dave

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April, 2016






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