Brisket Cuts



Brisket Cuts

One of the nine primal cuts, the Brisket consist of the two muscles of the lower chest below the shoulders and between the legs. This first cut is called the flat and is the leaner of the two. The second cut is the “deckle” or “point” and is fattier. The two pieces are held together by a layer of fat. It is a grainy muscle and not terribly tender, but when cooked long and slow (nothing less than 4 hours) it yields tremendous flavor. It is perfectly suited for smoking and barbecue. It generally comes in four cuts: whole, flat, flat half and the point. A whole brisket is extremely large and can feed a crowd. Insist on good marbling as a lean brisket is too dry.

Cooking Method: Braise

Other Names: Whole–Beef Brisket, Boneless Brisket; Flat–Brisket First Cut, Brisket Center Cut, Brisket Middle Cut; Point–Breast Deckle, Brisket Front Cut, Brisket Thick Cut, Brisket Nose Cut, Brisket Point Half Boneless, Deckle Point