Milk Fat

When cooking or baking with dairy products, itโ€™s important to know the different percentages of milk fat (a.k.a. butterfat). For example, which has less fat, half and half or table cream? Did you know that drinking 2% lowfat milk only saves you about 3 grams of fat, but 1% saves twice that? Here is a chart with the percentage of milk fat for the most common dairy products excluding cheeses.

ProductPercentage Fat
Clarified Butter99
Whey Butter80-90
Cultured Butter86
Sweet Cream Butter & Raw Cream Butter80-85
Clotted Cream<55
Double Cream43-48
Crรจme Fraiche30-40
Heavy Cream36
Whipping Cream30-36
Light Cream/Table Cream18-30
Sour Cream18-30
Half and Half10-18
Condensed/Evaporated Milk7.5-15
Raw Milk3.25-5
Whole Milk3.25-3.75
Lowfat Milk1-2
Skimmed/Nonfat Milk<1
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